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How to Find Invisalign Providers in North Carolina Important research to do before picking a provider Invisalign is a great product that has revolutionized the way people think about correcting alignment issues. But the product is only half the equation. You also need to pick the right provider to help design and guide your corrective …Read More

The Alternative to Braces that Works A pain-free, embarrassment-free way to correct alignment issues. For years, there was only one effective way to correct alignment issues – stuff the mouth full of bands and wires that caused a lot of pain and made people very self-concussion. It was worth it for straighter teeth, but it …Read More

Eating Foods with Braces – Pick Your Diet Carefully Eat the right things now for a more healthy smile later The irony of braces is that they help and hurt your teeth at the same time. They help because they correct serious alignment issues. But they also hurt because they make it a little harder …Read More

Effective Tips for Flossing with Braces Stick to your oral health routine even when you have braces Your oral health is more important than ever when you’re wearing braces. After all, you’re taking a big step to improve the health and appearance of your smile, so why would you want to compromise the results by …Read More

The Invisalign Questions You Need to Ask Make the best decision for the health of your smile. Invisalign is a revolutionary alternative to traditional braces. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for all patients or all alignment issues. Before you pursue one course of treatment over another, answer these important questions:

Make smart choices in your diet for a whiter smile. The best way to keep your smile healthy and white is to follow a daily oral care routine. But you can do a lot to help the process by also avoiding foods and drinks that commonly discolor teeth. Even if you brush and floss regularly it …Read More

Avoid the Holiday Treats that Damage Teeth Eat right this season and protect your teeth into the new year.The time between Thanksgiving and New Year is a period when all of us do a lot more snacking. The temptation of sweet treats, delicious drinks, and decadent desserts is especially powerful when you’re surrounded by them …Read More

Are Braces for Adults an Option Worth Considering? You can correct alignment issues at any age We usually associate braces with preteens and teens. But alignment problems are an issue for people of many ages, from the young to the old. And the stigma of having a misaligned smile can persist into adulthood. For that …Read More

How to Keep a Clean Invisalign Help your Invisalign do its job better One of the best things about the Invisalign straightening system is that you can take the apparatus in and out with ease. That way you don’t have to wear it when you are eating, playing sports, or ready to brush. You don’t …Read More

Keep teeth healthy while you restore your smile. When you get braces put on your teeth, it’s tempting to ignore your oral hygiene routine. After all, the braces are fixing your teeth for you, right? But it’s actually more important than ever to clean teeth with braces. That’s because the braces themselves can trap food particles …Read More

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