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Swollen gums are a common symptom of several oral health issues. Many  causes of swollen gums are easy to treat, but if ignored they can become serious problems.

Ready for your visit to the dentist? Whether it’s your first time visiting a new dentist, or you just haven’t been in a while, here’s what you can expect from your first dentist appointment.

Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures. If you’ve ever experienced tooth decay (otherwise known as a “cavity” or “caries”), chances are you’ve had a filling. Dentists use fillings to repair and replace cavities that would otherwise leave the soft inner tooth (known as “dentin”) exposed. Without a dental filling, untreated cavities can …Read More

You might be surprised how many services are offered by your family dentist. In fact, the term “general” dentistry can actually be a little misleading, because your general dentist actually specializes in a wide range of common dental procedures — from basic to highly sophisticated treatments!

If you have sensitive teeth, you’re not alone. According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), approximately 40 million U.S. adults experience some degree of tooth sensitivity. Depending on the sensitivity, you may experience discomfort when your teeth come into contact with liquids and foods that are very hot, cold, acidic, or sticky.

Look out for the tell-tale signs. You know that excessive amounts of stress can have a big impact on your mental health and physical well-being. But did you know that the effects of stress can also damage your teeth? The two are not commonly associated, but a strong link exists.

Find comfort without visiting the dentist or drug store. As anyone who has ever had a toothache knows, the pain is annoying at best and excruciating at worst. The dull throbbing paired with sharp stabs of pain makes it hard to work, eat, sleep, or enjoy just about anything.

Why Choose An Orthodontic Specialist for Alignment Treatments Get the best treatment from the right kind of doctor. A lot of people assume that when they have an issue with their teeth or gums they should immediately contact a dentist. It’s great to be in contact with a good one, but a dentist is not …Read More

Why Do You Need Fluoride Treatments? Do what it takes to protect your smile for life. You probably remember getting fluoride treatments as a kid. Your dentist would fill a mouth guard with a special gel. Then you would bite down on for 10-15 minutes. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but you’re probably glad fluoride treatments …Read More

A brighter smile that costs you less. It’s common for teeth to become discolored as we age. And factors like diet, oral health, and smoking can all contribute to stains and color change. Some people are willing to accept an off-white smile, but many others would prefer to flash a mouth full of pearly whites.

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