Happy Tooth Foundation

Happy Tooth Foundation

The Happy Tooth Foundation!

Bridging the Gap Between Those

Who Have and Those Who Need

Facilitating Social Action

Through Cycling

The Happy Tooth Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity established to fight Food Insecurity, Encourage Healthy Lifestyles and Expand Access to Dental Care.

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How It Works

The Happy Tooth Foundation is dedicated to helping level inequities in our society. From access to dental care to livable wages to feeding the hungry, we strive to create a network of people across the United States invested in paying it forward as a way of bridging that gap!  The Happy Tooth Foundation was borne out of Dr.’s Larry Moray and Jin Yi Kwon’s passion for dentistry, cycling and children.  The Foundation will develop a network of cyclists and triathletes who will help combat Food Insecurity as repayment for Foundation support.

The Mission

  • To Financially Support Cyclists and Triathletes at all levels (Pro, Amateur, Club, Recreational). The Foundation will Sponsor Teams at the Club, Elite and Professional Level and will create a nationwide network of Sponsored Teams all riding under the banner of The Happy Tooth Foundation
  • To Create a Nation-wide network of individuals working to address food insecurity.  Sponsored athletes will work with groups and agencies in their communities whose work addresses food security
  • To create role models of healthy lifestyles from and for at risk communities by requiring diversity on the Foundation sponsored teams and directly working with lower income/at-risk populations to promote fitness and nutrition
  • To Provide Dental Insurance and Care to Groups otherwise unable to get insurance and care

The Foundation’s mission is based on outreach and awareness and begins with financial sponsorship for cyclists at all levels, including the Women’s Pro Peloton.  The sponsored Happy Tooth Foundation teams will have a responsibility to pay the sponsorship forward by performing charitable work in the communities in which they live, train and race.

Charitable activities will involve working with groups and agencies addressing food insecurity, and doing community outreach to at-risk populations designed to educate people on the benefits of good nutrition and an active, healthy lifestyle.

Our Partners




Interested in joining?  Check this out: nciclflyer-league



How You Can Help Make This A Reality:

The Foundation’s Missions cannot be realized without charitable donations, and as such, we ask you to consider donating and to pass along information about The Happy Tooth Foundation to everyone you know.  What we can do and when we can do it is totally dependent on our level of funding.

All Foundation sponsors and partners will be listed on the Foundation cycling jerseys as a ‘thank you’ to all who support our work.

Want to Get Involved?

For more information on opportunities to promote our work, please complete the short form.

Thank you,

The Happy Tooth


The Happy Tooth

Yes, I want to help fight food insecurity, promote active, healthy lifestyles among children and expand access to dental care!


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