Here are our first published orthodontic graduate stories. We will be posting regularly to showcase recent graduates so they can share their stories about their experiences at The Happy Tooth.

Yndra A.’s story

Before I got my braces, I had a choice to get braces or celebrate my Quinciniera, which for Hispanic girls is one of the most important birthdays. It was and still is important for me, but I’d rather get braces. Why? Because a Quinciniera, you can only have for one night and braces fix your teeth for a lifetime. Before getting my braces I was so, so excited and I still am! I can’t wait until one year with them. Braces do not hurt at all. The only bad thing about the first day is that you can’t eat hard food 🙁

Yndra Ortho Grad 2                Yndra Ortho Grad1

The Miller Quints

In 1998, the Miller family welcomed five new additions to their family… all within five minutes of each other! Emery, Grace, Martin, Maggie and Ellie were

Miller Family

received by an excited Triangle community and showered with generosity. Dr. Moray knew right away that he wanted to offer the gift of beautiful smiles to the Miller family, and offered free orthodontic care for the quints when the time came. Well the time is now! 15 years later, all of the Miller quintuplets are either in braces or have completed treatment already. It’s been amazing to watch them grow up J

“When I heard that I would be getting braces, I was honestly a little scared and disappointed. I had heard numerous stories about how annoying braces were, how much they hurt and how frustrating the orthodontists were. When I actually got my braces though, I was surprised! The braces actually didn’t bother me much, they were virtually painless and the orthodontists at The Happy Tooth were always friendly, welcoming and happy to see me! Overall, having braces was actually an enjoyable experience that was worth the ending result!” – Ellie Miller

Emery Post            Miller E Post


Adarius’ story

When I was younger, I never smiled for pictures. Then I found out I was getting braces. My first reaction was happiness, but I was still a little nervous. The entire process was completely painless and it didn’t seem to take long at all. I am truly thankful for all of the staff at The Happy Tooth in Wake Forest for making this experience an amazing one. They were professional, friendly and calming. Due to their hard work, I am extremely confident with my smile now! I appreciate everything the entire staff has done and you’ll be missed!

Adarius Williams


Karen’s Story

My experience with braces was awesome. Getting to see them transform was really cool. Braces were worth it!

Karen Sandoval

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