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How Common are Adult Braces?

You can correct alignment issues at any age

We usually associate braces with preteens and teens. But alignment problems are an issue for people of many ages, from the young to the old. And the stigma of having a misaligned smile can persist into adulthood. For that reason, many adults would like to get braces or take some kind of corrective measure but worry they will be in the extreme minority and feel embarrassed. If this is an option you’re considering but hesitating over, read on to get all the information you need to know about braces for adults.

Are Braces for Adults an Option Worth Considering?

How Many Adults Wear Braces?

You will probably be surprised to hear that of all the people who currently wear braces, almost 20% of them are adults, and the number is growing. In recent years, new styles of braces have emerged that are a lot less visible and a lot less painful. That means adults can take the corrective measures they need without worrying about the impact braces will have on personal and professional relationships.

How Long do Adults Need to Wear Braces?

Typically adults have to wear braces for longer than teens because the body is not changing as quickly. The exact duration will be different for every patient, but on average is in the range of 12-20 months. That can sound like a lot of time, but weigh the length of a year or two against decades of having a straight smile.

Why Have My Teeth Become Crooked?

There are some people who have had straight teeth their entire life but watched their smile slowly change in adulthood. There are others who had braces as a teen and are now watching old problems return. Those scenarios can be frustrating, but they are not uncommon. Your teeth continue to shift even in adulthood, and an injury or accident can create alignment issues. Rather than focusing on the causes it’s time to focus on the solutions.

Are There Age Limitations?

Strictly speaking, age is not a factor. Adults of all ages, including senior citizens, can take steps to improve alignment and see results. That being said, all patients should consult with an orthodontist first to find out if any factors might disqualify them for alignment treatments.

The Happy Tooth Understands Braces for Adults

At the Happy Tooth, we are working with more and more adults who are ready to take steps to achieve the smile they really want. We understand what a big decision this is and work closely with each patient to explore every possible option. If this issue has been on your mind, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist at The Happy Tooth office nearest you.

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