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Tooth Enamel

How to Strengthen Tooth Enamel: Diet

Make the right choices at meal and snack times. Tooth Enamel is like a suit of armor that you wear on the outside of each one of your teeth.  In fact, it is considered the hardest mineral substance in your body, even harder than bone. It protects your teeth against decay and plays a huge role in your overall, lifelong oral health.

Protect Your Tooth Enamel

Unfortunately, a number of things can wear down your enamel, and when that happens you are at a much greater risk of getting cavities and having other serious problems with your teeth. Even more troubling is that once your enamel is gone, it can't be restored.

That means you need to take a proactive approach to preserving and strengthening the enamel you're born with, and a big part of that is what you eat and drink.

Tooth Enamel

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Effective Tips To Protect Your Tooth Enamel

  • Eliminate the Bad Foods: Foods that are starchy, sugary, or acidic can all wear down your tooth enamel. Soda, alcohol, and citrus fruit drinks are particular culprits.
  • Focus on the Good Foods: Foods like dark, leafy vegetables, dairy, and protein-rich foods all supply the body with necessary minerals. Sea salt (not table salt) is also beneficial because it supplies the body with potassium.
  • Watch Your Snacking: Many common snack foods leave your mouth in an acidic state for at least a few hours. As much as possible, try to only eat at mealtimes.
  • Eat a Piece of Cheese: A piece of cheese at the end of a meal can help eliminate some of the acidity in your mouth.
  • Chew Sugar-Free Gum: Sugar-free gum promotes saliva production which supports the growth of positive bacteria in your mouth.
  • Use a Straw: If you must drink sugary or acidic drinks, try to always use a straw so that the liquid bypasses your teeth.
  • Drink Water: After you consume a sugary or acidic drink, swish your mouth out with a glass of water to help neutralize some of the negative elements.

The Happy Tooth is Here to Preserve Your Tooth Enamel

The last thing you need to do to make sure your tooth enamel is strong and thick throughout your life is to brush with fluoride toothpaste and regularly see a dentist for cleanings and checkups.

If your enamel is beginning to wear down, a doctor will be able to spot it sooner and help you take steps to preserve what you still have left. When you need to make an appointment to meet with a professional, find the nearest office of The Happy Tooth to your location, and tell us what time works best for you.

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