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Invisalign Teen

Ten Things to Know about Invisalign Teen

Does your teen need braces? Is to, they are likely worried about how they will look and feel, and you are likely worried about how much they will cost and how well they will work. A great option for everyone is to choose Invisalign Teen, a revolutionary straightening system that delivers major advantages over traditional braces at a comparable cost. Here's what you need to know?

Invisalign Teen

Discover Invisalign Teen: Better for your child and better for you too.

  • What is Invisalign Teen? - Rather than using wires and brackets, Invisalign Teen uses custom-made plastic aligners to shift the position of the teeth and restore the smile.
  • Is It Effective? - When used as recommended, Invisalign Teen is just as effective as traditional braces and capable of correcting issues ranging from the mild to the severe.
  • What are the Advantages of Invisalign Teen? -

The Invisalign Teen straighteners are nearly undetectable on the teeth, are much less painful, and can be removed when playing sports or eating.  Tweet This

  • How Does Invisalign Teen Look? - In most cases, people don't even notice that a teen is wearing one of these straighteners. That help teens fix alignment issues without becoming self-conscious.
  • Is Everyone Eligible for Invisalign Teen? - Most teens are. Visit an orthodontist who has experience working with Invisalign Teen to know for sure.invisalign teen
  • How Long Does the Treatment Take? - The treatment time depends on the alignment issue being corrected, but in most cases it is comparable to traditional braces.
  • How Much Does It Cost? - Again, that depends on the issue being corrected and the orthodontist you see. It typically costs an amount similar to traditional braces, and many dental insurance providers cover it.
  • How often should it be worn, and for how long?- This treatment is most effective when worn for 20 to 22 hours a day and swapped out once every two weeks. Built-in indicators help show the orthodontist whether the straighteners are being worn long enough to be effective.
  • What Happens if Invisalign Teen Gets Lost? - Each patient is eligible for six complimentary replacement straighteners. If one gets lost, inform the orthodontist immediately.
  • How Many Trips to the Orthodontist Does Is Required? - In most cases, the teen will need to visit the doctor every four to six weeks, less time than traditional braces require.

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