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Meet The Doctors

September 7, 2017 by Happy Tooth

Meet Our Dentists and Orthodontists in North Carolina

The Happy Tooth team is made up of some of the best dentists and orthodontists in the country. Our doctors have graduated from many of the nation's top universities, worked in prestigious posts throughout the world, and pursued important research initiatives – and are eager to work with patients like you. In addition to their medical expertise, our doctors are great at making you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout any treatment.

Your teeth deserve the best, and our team is ready to provide it.

What Makes The Happy Tooth Different?

One dentist or orthodontist is just as good as another, right? Unfortunately that's not the case at all. The quality of care you receive really is linked to the quality of doctor you work with, and not all doctors are committed to providing the best. At The Happy Tooth, it's our goal to identify the safest, soundest, and most effective treatment approach in any scenario. Then we work with you to answer questions, address concerns, and make sure you feel completely comfortable. Finally, we perform any work we do according the very highest standards. It's a higher level of care, and it's the level of care that you deserve.

It's Great to be a Patient at The Happy Tooth

No one likes to climb into the dentist's chair. Our doctors understand this and do everything possible to ensure you have a positive, painless experience. Plus, they provide expert care to keep your smile looking great for life. A visit to our office is a visit you don't have to dread.

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