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November 1, 2017 by Happy Tooth

Invisalign – The “Invisible” Alternative to Braces

Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment option that is finally giving patients an alternative to traditional braces. If you have been avoiding fixing your alignment issues because you dreaded getting ugly and painful braces, don't worry, there is another option.

Rather than using brackets, wires, and rubber bands, this solution utilizes straighteners made of clear, soft plastic. They are just as effective but nearly invisible and a lot less painful to wear. Plus, you don't have to make changes to your diet or lifestyle. It's finally easy to treat alignment issues thanks to these innovations.

Who's It For?

Invisalign is an option for a large number of patients with alignment issues. It's ideal for teens who need braces but don't want to be seen wearing them. It's great for adults who are embarrassed about their crooked teeth but have avoided fixing them due to the stigma of adult braces. And it's the perfect option for anyone who worries that brackets and wires will prove to be too restrictive or too painful.

However, there are some alignment issues that this solution is not designed to correct. And there are some patients, especially young children, who would be better served by another treatment option. The only way to know for sure if your are a candidate is to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist.

Make sure you see one that has extensive experience with this, and perfectly understands how it can help patients with alignment issues.

Such as The Happy Tooth. Find an office near you.

Why Choose It?

The better question might be “why not choose it” because it has so many advantages. First, it effectively corrects a wide range of alignment issues. And since it does so with clear plastic straighteners, the treatment is nearly invisible to other people, just the opposite of braces.

The straighteners do not irritate the gums or cheeks, and they are often less painful than brackets and wires. Plus, the straightener can be removed when eating, brushing, or flossing to give you the complete use of your natural teeth.

It's the treatment option that doesn't require compromises.

Restore Your Smile the Easy Way

Crooked teeth don't have to hold you back, and neither do braces. This clear aligner solution makes it easy to achieve the smile you want without anyone knowing, and without years of pain and inconvenience. It's the alternative that millions have been searching for.

Schedule a consultation to determine if Invisalign is right for you.  Find a local Happy Tooth orthodontic office and then contact them today!

Your Options

Orthodontics is a long-term relationship that involves very personal interaction. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your orthodontist has a personality and communication style that meshes well with yours. On top of that, he or she needs to have adequate orthodontic experience and training and be well versed in modern technology and procedures.

The Happy Tooth's orthodontic specialists are all members of the American Association of Orthodontists. They have each taken an additional three years of post-graduate work in orthodontics beyond the four years of dental school required to practice general dentistry. You can trust that your smile is in good hands with The Happy Tooth orthodontics.

  • Invisalign Teen
    Nearly undetectable on your teeth, Invisalign Teen is ideal for the sports driven, active lifestyle of teenagers.
  • Adult
    Custom-made, clear aligners can improve your smile without giving up the food you love and the comfort you desire.
  • Express
    Want quick results from your treatment option? Their Express option can have your smile improved in just six months.

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A Happier Orthodontic Experience With The Happy Tooth

We know that you have many offices available to you for orthodontic care. Choosing the right orthodontist is a very important decision. At The Happy Tooth, we offer a complimentary new patient consultation to help you make the right decision when seeking an orthodontist for
yourself or a member of your family.

At The Happy Tooth, we care about our patients and treat you like family. During your complimentary new patient consultation, our staff will gladly answer any questions you have about this specific treatment or our other orthodontic options. We want you to feel comfortable with your orthodontic treatment decisions – and happy with your results for years to come.

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Real Testimonials

Thoughts and opinions expressed in these video are that of the patient and do not necessarily represent the views of The Happy Tooth. In rare cases, allergic reactions can occur. Not intended for patients with active periodontal disease. Prescription required. Results may vary.

Jenn loves her busy life, but between raising her kids and work, she had trouble taking care of herself. That's when she found Invisalign, the perfect solution for her fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle.

Despite her active lifestyle Sarah struggled with confidence because of her smile. She's half way through treatments and has loved the transformation her clear aligners have given her!

Will has always wanted to have a smile that reflected his best self. These clear aligners gave Will the opportunity to improve his confidence so he could dominate on the field.

Follow as Katrina reflects on the end of her treatment and looks forward to the future with a beautiful new smile. Now that Katrina has finished her treatment, she has seen some positive career advancements, celebrated a birthday, and got engaged! Self-confidence is so important, and straightening her teeth with these clear aligners has helped her be a more confident actress.


So excited to be working with Invisalign Teen in bringing you guys this, and along with me on my journey!


What Our Own Patients Say

I've been a patient at Happy Tooth for Some months now and I love everybody there!! Everyone is so kind and very energetic. They do great job with my teeth, I love them! I always enjoy going there and I would definitely recommend this place to people out there who want a there teeth looking good. But i got to say one of favorite staff members is Orlando!! He's really kind and always making jokes and definitely doesn't make it boring.
Evelin Hernandez
23:09 30 Aug 18
Nice friendly people and workers. My daughter has been with them for braces. I would and have recommend people to this place.
Elizabeth Martin
18:04 07 Aug 18
just got my braces off and my teeth look amazing
Keyarra Dickes
15:44 06 Aug 18
very nice people , i love them . They’re very great .
hanna al3xis
01:54 20 May 18
Both of my daughters have braces at The Happy Tooth. My oldest daughter went thru her braces ordeal over 6 years ago and honestly I would not have recommended a dog to go there for teeth care. So I was concerned when my youngest required braces as well. My fears were unfounded. New staff.. Very professional and welcoming for the parents and children. The staff before would not allowed parents to go back with their children but now they have no problem with it at all. Kudos for great staff.. Welcoming environment. Thank you for treating us as people and not just cash in your pocket as the previous staff did.
Julie Ashburn
14:33 01 Feb 18
AWESOME STAFF!!! As soon as you walk in you are greeted with a smile and hello!! Everyone is helpful and patient!!! I personally had a miscommunication issue about an appt. When I called about it I was immediately the PRIORITY!! The manager..Kim...took my call and immediately addressed the issue...she was very professional and most apologetic for the entire staff!!! It was just a simple mix up and she went above and beyond to make sure things were fixed and rescheduled and I honestly HAVE NVR came across any manager that was so involved in a resolution and my satisfaction!!! At (this) Happy Tooth...you are not treated like a patient...they treat and respect you like family and friends!!!! Kudos to all the staff!!! Jobs well done guys!!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!!! 👐😁😉👍👏
Robin Doby Wilson
18:24 14 Sep 17
I have been going to The Happy Tooth Orthodontist in Sanford for almost 3 years now and I am completely satisfied with my service here. When I arrive I am always welcomed with a smile from both the receptionists and the orthopedists. Everyone remembers my name, which doesn't really happen a lot at other medical departments. I truly am glad that I am a patient at The Happy Tooth in Sanford and I recommend this Orthodontist to everyone!!! Thank you so much Happy Tooth in Sanford for all that you do, just to give me the perfect smile I never knew I had!!!!
Demetrius McCrimmon Jr.
18:48 12 Apr 17
I've been a patient at The Happy Tooth for 5 years and recently got my braces off a few months ago. I am very satisfied with the results and my brand new smile, they took terrible teeth and made them great. The staff at Happy Tooth are the nicest people ever, Janet greets people nicely and makes sure that guest are comfortable, feel welcomed, and ready for their appointment. Randi and alisha make sure things are running smoothly, and always provide top- notch care for everyone. Overall my experience at happy tooth has been wonderful, and I would do it all over again !!!
Travon Bowden
11:31 27 Mar 17
I had a wonderful time at Happy Tooth. My experience with Happy Tooth was amazing. I will like to thank everyone that help me on my journey, such as Missy, Alisha, Orlando, Frankie, Dr. Ruth, and my favorite Janet. These people made my experience smooth, easy, and quick. The Happy Tooth crew is best. I had many great years with them and this day was awesome. I got my braces off and I'm the happiest person on the planet.
Treyonny Cole
15:02 23 Mar 17
I've been a patient at Happy Tooth for nearly two years and I love everybody there!! Everyone is so kind to me and they're always so energetic. They did a great job with my teeth, I love them! I would definitely recommend this place to people out there who want a little fix to their teeth. Other than that, if I were to choose who my favorite staff member is, it would be Orlando!! He's too kind and always manages to put a smile on my face with his jokes! 🙂
Jocelin Martinez
15:56 15 Mar 17
I'm currently a patient at happy tooth and they have done an amazing job on my teeth and friends and family of mine that have past experience at the happy tooth. I have to say I enjoy being around every employee that works there. They are always so kind to me and give me the best experience when going to my appointments. Janet is always so helpful at the front desk and explains everything so thoroughly to me when I ask questions and so does the doctor and everyone in the back working on me and others teeth. If I had to recommend anyone that needed braces to an orthodontist it would have to be this one. I love The Happy Tooth and wouldn't have traded this experience for anything.
Jayne Goode-Hudson
18:05 09 Mar 17

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